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5 Reasons To Use a Recruiter For Talent Acquisition

Updated: Mar 20

Using a recruiter may seem expensive and not worth it. The industry tends to be given a negative reputation due to a high volume of subpar recruiters that exist in the space, not to mention the issues that arise when working with large, high-volume recruitment agencies. However, working with a great recruiter for talent acquisition is a no brainer. Here are our top 5 reasons why.

1. Access to better talent

Top headhunters have a vast network and pipeline of top talent. Every company is fighting to hire top talent and finding the right fit is even harder. Under normal market conditions, there is typically a shortage in quality candidates that are actively seeking opportunities. Job board sites will often fail to yield positive results the best candidates are usually passive. Being that it is illegal to approach candidates from your competitors, using a recruiter makes perfect sense if you want access to the very best talent for your opening. Recruiters are also experts at assessing a candidate’s competencies and personality for a position and company. After all, it’s how they make a living. With this in mind, recruiters will give your organization a much better chance at hiring the right talent for your rec.

A great recruiter will also provide you with useful insights on the market and your industry, help benchmark your openings, and advise on any changes that might benefit the hiring/recruitment process.

2. Increased flexibility

Using a recruiter will allow you to focus on other important things. If you’re a small business owner or in the HR department of a Fortune 500 company with many openings to manage, using a recruiter gives you a ton of freedom to fulfill other obligations to your organization. Hiring is an intense process that is very challenging. More intense than many people realize. Taking shortcuts will cost you money down the road and if you have other matters to attend to (which you probably do), it can be daunting. Calling a top recruiter will allow you to release a sigh of relief while keeping your organization running smoothly in other aspects.

3. Hire top talent more quickly

When recruiting is done poorly one of two results will happen: It will take forever to find the right candidate and secure the hire or you will end up with hiring the wrong candidate. It is no secret that vacancies are costly to organizations and this cost accumulates with each passing day. Using a recruiter will help you find the right talent much faster. Approaching passive candidates is an art and, when done wrong, is a waste of time. Top recruiters are experts at approaching passive candidates in a way that will more likely trigger their interest in an opportunity. A lack of experience and “know how” can easily be the difference between a quick, cost effective hire versus a prolonged search. Recruiters already have a pre-existing database of talent to tap into which is a great “jumping off” point for a search. This is a luxury that business owners and many HR’s simply do not have.

4. Mitigate the risks of a bad hire

In the event that a new hire decides to leave the company, many recruitment firms will reimburse you or promise a replacement granted that the employee leaves within a certain period of time. This is a great luxury that you wouldn't have if you recruit and hire yourself. What would be worse than spending countless hours hiring someone and having to repeat the process all over again due to a quick departure? Not much. Recruitment firms that wish to maintain/build their great reputation and hope to build a long-term relationship with you will almost always provide this warranty. However, recruiters get paid to match the right talent with the right company. This event is far less likely to occur if you work with a recruiting professional rather than hire talent yourself.

5. You’ll save money and increase productivity in the long-run

This is our favorite reason. Many CEO’s, COO’s, hiring managers, and HR professionals are hesitant and even refuse to use recruiters because they don’t want to pay a fee to do something they feel they can do themselves. You might feel this way as well. If so, hopefully your disposition will be changed by the end of this article.

Believe it or not, recruiters can save you and your organization A LOT of money in the long-run and help maximize productivity tremendously. Great recruiters understand how to find the right candidate for both the position and your company. They are expert matchmakers who will find you an employee that will stick around for a while. High turnover is very costly to any organization and it can destroy a company’s culture. After all, a company’s culture is built up over time by its employees. When a great hire is made, this means the candidate is happy where they have landed. When employees are happy, they produce and in many cases outperform. Do not underestimate the long-term benefits of working with an expert recruiter by focusing too heavily on the placement fee.

There are certainly other reasons you should use a recruiter for talent acquisition, but these are our top reasons. The recruiting industry has been around for decades and it’s showing no signs of going anywhere anytime soon (No, technology is not displacing recruiters in the near future!). There is a reason the industry generated nearly half a trillion dollars worldwide last year: it’s a valuable industry to any business. Next time you’re in need of talent, consider working with a top, specialized recruiter. You won’t regret it!

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